Core Purpose

WJI Networks connects business owners, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers to expert technology solutions that save time, enhance security, and drive results

WJI Networks provides technology and advisory solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs.

We did the heavy lifting so you didn’t have to. By subscribing to WJI Networks today, your business is automatically backed by a network of 250+ carriers and technology service providers, technology solutions experts. Our team helps you get what you need: more time to focus on what’s important.

Manufacturing & Warehouse

We are technology integration experts for manufacturing, warehousing, and food processing plant design/build projects 10-500K sq ft.

Restaurant & Hospitality

We install, manage, and support computers, back-office systems & servers, wireless & marketing systems for the restaurant & hospitality service industry.

Professional Services Firms

Technology, networking, and PCI, SOX, and NIST compliant security solutions for professional service, media, insurance & financial service firms.

Our Solutions

Improve efficiency & focus on your business.

Portfolio Management

Technology portfolio & asset management for B2B and MSP.

Cyber Security

Cyber risk management, cyber incident response, CISO services, business continuity & disaster recovery.

Fractional Services

Outsourced technical, information, security, and operational field services.

MSP Coaching & Leadership

Technology-centered mindset, ITSM process, business health coaching & advisory services.

IT Design/Build

Office and warehouse buildouts projects: technology architecture, engineering, and installation services.

Payment/Retail Tech

Front & back office payments, point-of-sale (POS) technology, retail customer marketing & analytics.

At Our Core

The three pillars of WJI Networks

Our mission is to connect business owners and entrepreneurs with tools, resources, education and expertise to grow, evolve, and thrive in today’s complex & connected world.

Portfolio Management

Technology relationship growth & contract management

Risk Management

Protection and security of your digital assets

(Digital) Transformation

Personal, professional, and business growth leveraging technology