Our Business Model

The WJI Difference

Our business model is uniquely different. We are a team of Integrated IT Agents: sales, solution, systems integration, and cybersecurity pros who work with your business vision to create technology-based solutions that meet and exceed your business objectives. You have the vision, we turn IT to reality.

How Do We Do IT?

Our agency team is not bound by the same costs, supplier controls, or pressure to sell as direct providers. Outside of direct consulting engagements, our agency receives all payments directly from its suppliers. This business model allows us to remain independent, objective, impartial, and working as a dedicated commissioned agent and buyer’s representative for you and your team.

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Our Advantages

Make Informed Decisions
Whether you plan to optimize what you have today or migrate to something new, we will help you make the right decisions. Our people & tools help drive profits and innovation when it comes to technology value.
Empower and Extend Your IT Team
Our sales, account, and support engineers are provider & carrier experts who work side by side with you & your team to assist with designing custom solutions that pave the way for future growth and revenue.
Save Time, Energy, and Effort
We are a full-service technology management consulting firm saving you time, money, and energy by working directly with technology service providers and carriers. Outsource the management so you can focus on the results.
Increase Buying Power
Backed by the largest technology services distributors in the United States, and with no volume commitments to carriers or managed service providers, you are guaranteed to receive the best fit solution at a great value.
Monitoring & Control
We provide you with visibility, transparency, and accountability through ongoing tracking, reporting, and clear communication so you can cost-effectively manage the core growth of your company.
Lower TCO & Increase ROI
Our business model allows us to bring best-in-class solutions forward for your business and customer needs at the lowest possible price, and with maximum return on investment.

Our Proven Six-Step Methodology to Improving your state of IT

Work With a Team of Experts and Never Stress About IT Again!

Tell us just a few basic details about what you're looking to buy. Understanding your company, team, challenges, and goals allows us to recommend the most efficient solutions for your business. We take the time to get to know about your business, how it was started, what you’re looking for, what changes you’d like to see, and your goals for the company. We can help you uncover areas in which to improve.
Our team of experts evaluates your existing solutions to identify improvements and opportunities for the future, with no upfront cost or obligation.
We prepare a detailed breakdown featuring a curated list of solution providers who will help you conquer challenges and achieve your goals today and in the future.
After helping you determine which solution provider or consulting approach best fits your needs, we facilitate communication with the provider and ensure you receive the best price, terms, and solution.
We'll negotiate the most favorable contract terms available with any supplier on your behalf.
We work diligently to make sure your order is implemented correctly and on time, and are always available for updates, moves, or changes as your business evolves.

“I’m passionate about helping companies leverage technology to meet business goals. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I appreciate the challenge of increasing profits, reducing expenses, and finding ways to deliver quality, consistent products, services, and customer experiences. My company exists to help you integrate technology expertly and securely into your business and achieve these things. Our unique process helps clients do exactly this.

Let us help you find the perfect fit for an IT partnership.”

— Dan Schneck

Founder, WJI Networks