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Growing Your Technology Business
Build Your IT Business, Not Your Sales Skills

Have you struggled to grow your computer business, IT consulting practice, or MSP business? Want to reach new customers and expand your reach? WJI Networks helps IT pros build more business and creates more opportunities to grow in a complex and competitive technology supplier landscape.

  • Perform active lead generation
  • Conduct sales and marketing appointments
  • Gain commitment from new prospects
  • New lines of business & revenue for your practice
  • Match the best service providers to your clients and projects

With 20+ years of experience, we match great IT consultants & MSPs with a powerful network to help scale your sales & revenue in a low-risk way. Focus on your clients, and let WJI Networks focus on your growth.

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    Let Us Help You Grow Your IT Consulting or MSP Practice

    Add Revenue To Your Existing IT Business

    By bringing you great small business clients, you can focus on your practice, not pounding the pavement!
    WJI Networks allows you to grow at the pace you're comfortable with.
    We match the right client with the right agency and provider, so you're assured of working with businesses that are perfect for you.
    You don’t need to focus on lead generation! The WJI Networks sales team handles all of your firm's technology marketing needs from introduction to on-boarding.

    Excellent Partnerships Start with Strong Expectations

    What We Look for in Our IT Consultants & MSPs


    You might not enjoy selling, but it’s imperative that you enjoy communication. We look for IT pros who love people just as much as they do technology, and who truly want to foster a great collaborative effort with their clients in order to help them grow and evolve their technology and help empower their businesses! If communication is central to your work and you can take technical lingo and translate it to meaningful information for non-technical clients, you are a fit!

    Yearly Screening

    Expect high standards! At WJI Networks we do ask that our agency partners undergo a yearly evaluation to make sure that they continue to be a great partner. We want to bring you the best small business clients, and that means asking you to bring your best work to those you serve!

    Industry Specialties

    Specialize in a specific industry or business model? No problem! Sometimes that can make growing your IT consulting practice more difficult, but because we prospect and have experience across most industries, we can funnel you leads that are best matched with your experience and niche.

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    Building a Great Client Base for Your IT Business

    Great Technology Solution Providers + Happy Clients

    At the end of the day, we’re here to help you find great clients. But don’t take our word for it, hear from WJI Networks clients who have grown their own firms through our unique lead generation model: