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What Is Co-Managed IT?

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What Is Co-Managed IT?

I routinely hear the misconception that there are only two options for IT management models: internal staff vs. an external managed service provider (MSP). While these are the two most common scenarios I encounter, I have seen more and more businesses over the past 12-24 months combining internal IT staff resources with external IT contractors/MSP services.

Combining internal IT with a trusted MSP is known as a Co-Managed IT Support model. This hybrid approach gives the business owner the best of both worlds. It allows for staffing of immediate internal resource needs (e.g., being responsive to the CEO, CFO, and other executives, director, and management level positions) while maintaining high security, standards, and scalability.

The internal IT manager and staff act as integrated team members who understand the industry, business, strategy, short and long-term goals. Internal IT staff is supported by an outside service team, completing a strategic partnership that forms a win-win for growing businesses.

Comprehensive IT management is rarely a one, two, or even three-person job. The rapidly evolving complexity of computer networks, system and security requirements, industry regulations like the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements, cloud computing, cyber-security, VoIP and telecom complexity including SD-WAN, application updates, software licensing audits, hardware replacements, and warranty tracking — and much more — is much management to expect from a single…or even a few…employees.

Wouldn’t you agree that your internal IT team is a valued part of your business strategy? A Co-Managed IT model will empower your internal staff with virtually unlimited resources and knowledge. By moving to Co-Managed IT Services, you have a model that blends the convenience of having an internal IT manager combined with a deep bench of technical, engineering, and project management skill. Your internal IT staff and Co-Managed service provider create proactive and reactive IT management with broader expertise and resources by working together.

Tasks like monitoring, alerting, and NOC services typically consume a great deal of internal IT staff time. These tasks are easily offloaded to a managed service provider, freeing up your internal resources to add more strategic value to your team.

It’s challenging to prepare for the future if you don’t have a roadmap. Every successful company growth strategy requires a supporting technology growth plan. If you wouldn’t plan your next plant or facility expansion without consulting with your CFO or COO, then you shouldn’t plan for technology growth without consulting your business technology advisors.

Co-Managed IT Support offers inside and outside perspectives. A team-based approach makes your Co-Managed service provider a valuable collaborator to your business. Your advisory team provides consultation, advisement, and decision-making support.

WJI Networks has benefited from working with businesses in different vertical markets. Our team has expertise from Microsoft 365 to Cloud Server Configuration and Migration to Telecom, SD-WAN, and Cyber-Security. We help with strategic planning, equipment evaluation, and business continuity & recovery planning. Our expert IT, telecom, and cyber-security engineers and consultants provide the analysis and reliable information you can depend on when making significant and potentially costly IT decisions.

All businesses want to reduce costs. We continue to demand more productivity through rapidly expanding technology, yet we have fewer resources to achieve the same or better result. A Co-Managed approach maximizes your IT reach by freeing up your internal staff to focus on the tasks best suited to their skillsets and your business mission.

As you are looking to grow your business operations, consider Co-Managed IT services as a viable solution to meet your business objectives. Interested in discussing a Co-Managed IT Solution to grow your company? Connect with us today to learn more.